Taylor grew up playing soccer, doing gymnastics and water-skiing. She attended college where she studied psychology and played soccer, leaving college after her freshman year to pursue her dream of becoming a massage therapist and help people heal through bodywork.

While in massage school she fell in love with Pilates after experiencing firsthand the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of controlled movement. After completing massage school she traveled to Thailand where she continued her bodywork training. When she returned from her travels she completed comprehensive Pilates training through Power Pilates and graduated in 2005, and she has been a full time teacher ever since.

Taylor treats everyone as an individual and works with a wide range of ages and abilities. Over the years she has fallen even more in love with Pilates after witnessing so many clients heal and transform their bodies—and their lives—through Pilates.

When Taylor isn’t teaching she loves spending time with her husband Jason, daughter Lily, dog Koa and her mom and dad.