Kristin teaches movement awareness, connectivity, alignment, and efficient
movement patterns for greater ease, range of motion, stability and core strength.

She has been teaching Pilates for over 18 years at studios, community centers and universities in such places as Columbus, OH, Seattle WA, New York, NY and successfully owned a Pilates studio in Brooklyn, NY. Most recently has been teaching Pilates and dance at Coker University in South Carolina.

She was introduced to Pilates in her rigorous dance training and the system continued to support her as a professional dancer for over 20 years.

Her Pilates certification is from the PhysicalMind Institute in NY by master teachers, Lesley Powell and Doris Pastuer Hall. Kristin is a Laban Movement Analyst and her certification from Integrated Movement Studies in Seattle, WA. She has been a trainer and consultant for the PhysicalMind Institute and co-developed the continuing education courses, Circular Pilates and Tye 4. Additionally her demonstrations of reformer exercises can be found on PMI, Deconstructing the Reformer, PMI’s 2008 DVD.

Kristin loves to study movement therapy, somatics and continues to enrich her Pilates practice. Recently, she has taken workshops on fascia for greater support with Elizabeth Larkam and presented at the Somatics Dance Conference in Geneva, NY this past July.